Ten Tips for a Great Trial Run

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Get the perfect hairstyle!

  1. Email pictures of your favorite looks to your artist before your appointment or bring them with you. Be sure your pictures show several angles. We need to know if you will have your hair up or down, how much hair you like on your forehead, do you like some height at the crown, sides tight or loose curls or waves.  A combination of three or four pictures is great.  Details will make for a great trial run.
  2. Come with your hair as it will be on your wedding day. If you want to be freshly washed, come with clean dry hair. Adding a styling product such as mousse after your shampoo will help your style to hold.  If you like second day hair, come with it that way. Oily hair will not work for your trial run.
  3. Bring along mom or a friend, a second opinion is always helpful. A second person is great but three or more are too many opinions.
  4. Choose one style for your trial run. It is best to dedicate your one hour appointment to one style which will be perfected. We will do your style in a way that we can make changes to personalize your look. This means that your hair will not be done as firmly or sprayed as heavily as it will be on your wedding day.
  5. We will remember all the details. We take pictures and write notes that we bring with us on your wedding day so that we can recreate your look.

Now for your makeup!

  1. Come with a clean face, use your regular moisturizer. If you are coming from work, that is ok too, we will remove your makeup before starting your trial run.
  2. Be sure your pictures show either a natural or dramatic look, your color choices, your favorite eye and lip. We will create your personal look that flatters your skin tones but if is helpful if you show us your favorite look.
  3. Share with your artist your makeup favorites, is it blush, contour or mascara? What do you want to play up? Your eyes or your lips?  Choosing one focal area will give a beautiful finished look.
  4. If you have had any sensitivity to makeup in the past, please let us know.
  5. We want you to be in your comfort zone, feeling more beautiful than you have ever felt. Keep in mind that everything should be a bit more than usual. Your dress is more dramatic and probably has more fabric than you normally wear, we need to create the perfect balance for you.

P.S. Wear a white or off white top, avoid prints. Please do not bring children to your trial run.

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