Make Your Out of Town Guests Feel Like VIP’s

Want to Make Your Out of Town Guests Feel like VIP’s?
Check out these tips to make them feel more at home!

Find Your Out of Town Guests a Place to Stay.
Weddings bring friends and family together from all parts of the globe. Make arrangements for them to be comfortable. Secure room blocks at three hotels; one high end, one moderate and one budget. This will give your guests a choice of price ranges. Most hotels require that you block at least 10 rooms, six to eight months in advance. Accommodations should be centrally located, not too far from the festivities. And, there may be a comp room for you — if you ask!

Keep Your Guests in the Loop so They Know What to Expect
Don’t have a minute to minute agenda for your wedding? No worries! Share at least some info with your guests, 4 – 5 months before the big day so they’ll know how much free time they have. Maybe they have other friends in the area or want to plan a side trip. Your guests are flying in to celebrate with you. Be mindful of their time too!

Give a Welcome Basket That They’ll Love
You can arrange for a welcome basket when your guests arrive at their hotel. It’s a perfect opportunity to share the latest plans and parties, event timelines and important locations. You can also add local items – like craft beers, snacks or sweet and savory snacks for those coming in late. Plus, don’t forget water, an Advil® or two, or Altoids®. If kids are coming, you can easily change things up to add an activity book, stuffed animal or special treat.

Treat Them to Transportation
Shuttle service to and from the wedding is a nice touch, depending on where the ceremony and reception will be held. It’s an almost fool-proof way to ensure that your guests will arrive on time to the wedding and safely return back to the hotel at the end of the night. You’re not their keeper, but you can try!

And then, there is what not to do! The Bridal Guide says “Avoid these ten mistakes!” You’ll definitely want to read them!

Here’s to your fabulous wedding.

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PS Here is what Emily Post has to say about inviting out-of-towners to the rehearsal dinner.