Kids or No Kids at Your Wedding?

Whether you have kids or not at your wedding is a question you should seriously consider. For some, it can be a real dilemma in the wedding planning process. For others, a definite yes – or absolutely no!

What kind of celebration do you envision? The earlier you decide about kids or no kids, and let your guests know, the easier it will be. Some may still try to bring their young ones (and or babies), but remember, it’s your wedding so plan a day that’s about you.

On the fence? Here are a few questions to answer:

  • Are you a couple that wants all family and friends present?
  • Do you and your partner want everyone to share in the joy?
  • Are you OK with the unpredictable or distracting behavior that tired kids may bring?

If you’re on board with inviting kids, check out this article from The Knot for great ideas to keep kids happy. This is the “come one, come all” attitude!

If you’re looking for a wedding without the distraction of children running around or think they’d be better off at home – that’s totally fine too. Check out this Modern Bride’s post with a few ways to share your point of view. Don’t be surprised to see some phrases that are more to the point and others candy coated.

Martha Stewart certainly has her say on the subject. “You can’t plan a wedding without offending someone and accommodating everyone is never a possibility.”

Whichever way you decide, it’s the right way. After all, it’s your wedding and the day you’ve been dreaming about for quite some time.


Featured photo: Flory Photo via 100 Layer Cake