Featured Bride of the Month – November 2020

Kayla and Taylor met on a Boston to Bermuda cruise to celebrate their graduation, each with their best friends who turned out to be their maid of honor and best man! They dated long distance (Kayla in Ma & Taylor in Vt) for a year and a half.  Kayla then moved to Vt and over a year and a half later they purchased their home.
Do to the pandemic, they scheduled their wedding three times.  Originally their wedding had a beach theme since it was planned to be on St Pete Beach, Fl on May 15, 2020.  It was then postponed to October 11, 2020, still in St Pete.  In July it was clear that covid was escalating in Florida and October 11 was probably not a good plan. Kayla came to Massachusetts, toured White Cliffs with her mom and fell in love with the venue. She booked it on the spot and then had a little over a month and a half to plan everything, which turned out to be a dream come true!
A highlight of the day was the butterfly release.  Kayla’s dad passed away when she was young.  Family and friends always said he came back as a butterfly.  The release of butterflies was a beautiful touch to honor a great man!



Ceremony site   
White Cliffs Country Club 
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White Cliffs Country Club
Flowers by Maryellen  
Marissa, Charlotte & Co
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Patrizia, Charlotte & Co
Tracy Sheehan Photography
Justin Cheverie,  Music on the Move
Guilty Bakery 
None, Damn Covid! 
Cloverlawn Butterflies
Comments from the bride:
We originally had planned to get married May 15, 2020 in Florida on St. Pete Beach. When COVID hit, we postponed to October 11, 2020, thinking everything would be cleared up. We did not realize this was going turn into a pandemic and put a pause on everything… Beginning of July the cases of COVID in Florida were 12 thousand + a DAY.. We felt very discouraged and Taylor wanted to say forget it and we would elope or plan a wedding when COVID as over. Kayla did not want to wait and was determined to have the dream wedding she always wanted. Taylor and Kayla went back and forth on where to have a wedding. Massachusetts where Kayla’s big family lived or Vermont where Taylor’s small family lived. Vermont seemed to has less strict COVID restrictions but Kayla wanted her beach wedding. Kayla looked at White Cliffs Country Club with her mom and fell in LOVE. The date was booked that day. August 28, 2020, a little over a month and a half to plan a whole wedding from scratch. The only catch was that they could only accommodate about 80 people outside with the 6 feet between table and 6 guests to a table. With having a list of over 175 guests Taylor and Kayla had a tough time telling friends and family that they were not able to attend the wedding. Everything was set and friends and family were excited that the big day was going to happen. 21 days before the wedding the governor changed the outdoor gatherings from 100 people to 50. There goes plan number 3… Taylor and Kayla had to cut the guest list even more which was next to impossible. Kayla has a big family, her dad was one of 15. It was impossible to make cuts. Taylor & Kayla compromised and Kayla cut all her friends besides her Maid of Honor so she could invite as many family members as possible. Taylor did the same and made some tough cuts and decisions. The day of the wedding, August 28 was the best day EVER. The weather was beautiful, it rained the day before all day and the day after all day but the day of the wedding was PERFECT. It was a dream come true and all the planning, stress, tears, money lost and disappoitment was all forgotten!