Featured Bride of the Month – June 2023

Michaela Maynard

Meet Our Featured Bride

Jillian and Go met at work. They rode the elevator up to their office together during Go’s first week of work. He made fun of her for still having an iPod (vs and iPhone). Love at first sight!

Their theme was “summer beach sunset over the dunes”. Jillian really likes warm earth tones, she is not a fan of pastels. She and her wedding planner had to get creative to make the colors still warm and summery but staying out of the pastel range. They focused on tans, whites and dusty reds. It was perfect!

Go is Japanese and Jillian is Jewish. They incorporated little details from both of their heritages and they loved how it turned out. Chop sticks and paper cranes were on the tables. They did the Hora and broke the glass at their ceremony.

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OceanEdge Resort

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Michaela Maynard