Bride of the Month – October 2019

The Harris Company
Meet Our Featured Bride
Paul and Kelsie met during their undergrad in upstate New York. Paul was a Business/Marketing Major from California living the dream playing Lacrosse and Hockey. Kelsie was a Psychology Major from Massachusetts crushing it and playing Soccer and Hockey. Basically, he was a boy…she was a girl…can it be more obvious?
Flashback to 2012! Super Bowl XLVI – New York Giants vs. New England Patriots – February 5th, 2012. Tom Brady looking godly per usual, Coach Belichick may or may not have been close to cracking a smile on the sidelines (sources cannot confirm this fact), and Kelsie sits in her dorm room screaming at the TV. After a brutally painful game, sadly the poor Patriots are defeated 21-7. Devastated by the loss, Kelsie was just about to give up hope for any happiness ever again, until a text message from an 805-area code lit up her phone. It was this cute Lacrosse guy who she had met at a party that weekend.
Not letting this opportunity slip past him, Paul had reached out to Kelsie in the hopes she would agree to meet up with him for a drink to drown her sorrows. After some reassurance from her soccer girls, and quite a few charming text messages later, Kelsie courageously ventured down to Paul’s dorm room.
One drink and several hours later they were hooked. It has been 7 years since that night, the Patriots have won 3 SuperBowls, and Paul is now a die heart Patriots fan!
The theme of the wedding was classic elegant meets soft and simple.
The couples favorite thing about their wedding day is that they brought family and friends from all parts of the world and from all different times in both of their lives together to celebrate their love story and the beginning of the next chapter in their lives. 


Ceremony site    
The Pavilion at Pinehills Golf Club
Reception site
The Pavilion at Pinehills Golf Club 
Flair! Floral & Event Design  
Marissa (Kelsie’s hair), Sareva & Giana  
Charlotte & Co
Makeup artist
Marissa (Kelsie’s makeup), Bob & Giana 
Charlotte & Co
The Harris Company
Good Times Unlimited, Inc.
Piece of Cake 
Eden Rock at Cap Cana
Father Lenny Nelson
Comments from the bride:
Our wedding day was Saturday, October 27, 2018. Yes. The infamous day of the late fall Nor’easter. So our beautiful outdoor garden wedding quickly turned into a panic rainy morning of moving everything inside. 40 mph winds, flash floods, and raining sideways yet everyone stayed calm and made it the most beautiful day ever. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck…well the we say a Nor’easter on your wedding day is a blessing.