Be Picture Perfect on Your Wedding Day

A Guide from the Pros for Beautiful Wedding Photos

Well ladies, let’s face it. We’ve been planning our big day since we were little girls. A picture perfect wedding is what we all want!

Now, weddings can be costly, but photography isn’t where you want to cut corners. Find a pro that’s been recommended by a friend whose photos you absolutely love. Meet with the photographer to see if you click (no pun intended) and look for one who’ll bring an assistant with them. There’s a lot going on at your wedding and it’s impossible for a photographer to be everywhere. So, having two shooters is much better for capturing all of your special moments!

OK, now that you’ve found your dream photographer, here are a few tricks that will help guarantee beautiful pictures:

  1. Don’t skimp on your hair and makeup. Almost every photographer will agree that airbrush makeup is the way to go for a long lasting look. And, airbrushed brides typically look better in their photos than non-airbrushed brides. Hollywood makeup artists use this technique for the very same reasons. There are no second chances, ladies to look flawless. And, as far as your hair? Find someone who’ll create the perfect style that you’ll love!
  2. This is a love story you want to last forever, right? Create a love story in your pictures too. Connected with your groom in every photo. Hold hands or touch in some way, lean in towards each other. Sometimes couples are nervous and forget to do this. The end result is that they look distant (and not so much in love)! The answer is be close, even if it feels staged.
  3. Want the most attractive pose? Even the thinnest bride can catch a bad angle. When posing for pictures, use a secret used by the stars. Turn ever so slightly to the side for the most flattering shot, put the arm closest to the camera on your hip, one foot slightly in front of the other, point your toe toward the camera and weight on your back leg.
  4. And lastly, this is your Wedding day. The day you’ve been dreaming of forever! Make sure you’re centered in the middle of all group shots. Whether you’re with your groom, sisters, parents or best friends, you’ll always be the center of attention!

Happiness and love translates in photos. It’s in your eyes, smile and body language. If you love the way you look and feel on your special day – and have fun, it will show in your photos!

All the best,



P.S. Here’s the trick to elongate the neck and minimize a double chin.  Press your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling.   Try it, it works!


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From Our Clients

Very happy with her work!

Charlotte did my makeup and hair for my wedding on Aug 12, 2012. She was wonderful-- using airbrush makeup for me and my mom (did not have a wedding party).  My photographer suggested that I use her because she felt Charlotte was the best and the photos always came out great when she did the bride's make up.  I was very happy with her work!! She is very easy to work with and has a personality that puts everyone at ease. She did not do a trial run on me because I lived out of state so could not be available--any case, the results were STILL fantastic.  I hope I have another event up north where I could go to her again because I had so much fun working with her!

Jen G

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